Salaried Dental Service

Salaried Dental Service

The salaried dental service is made up of a team of dentists and dental care professionals, based in Devon, who are supported by managers and administrative staff. The service exists to provide excellent dental care to patients who have additional needs. Patients may not be able to access dentistry, at a general dental practice, due to a variety of mental, medical and physical needs.

We provide routine dentistry and we also provideadditional servicessuch asoral surgery,general anaestheticԻsedation.

Patients can only access these services via referral. We acceptreferrals from dentalԻnon-dental professionals.

We provide treatment from severallocations

ǰwill apply for all patientsunless. Evidence of exemption must be brought to your appointment.

We also provide other services such asthe emergency dental serviceԻoral health information.

We also host the urgent dental service for those who have an emergency and do not have a regular general dental practitioner (this is run by a separate organisation). The service also provides oral health training to patients and care workers who are responsible for the mouths of both adults and children. Access to our services is by referral only.

Last updated: September 06, 2023


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